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Aevéop Hand Cream From The Garden of Provence (3 pcs)


Reminding you of the scenic walk down a cherry blossom, rose, or wisteria garden, these scented hand cream keep your hands hydrated all day long. Even though baby, children, pregnant women, human's face and body can be use too.

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    1. 3 kinds of Provence's flowers, that are Wisteria, Cherry blossom and Rose which represent of different romantic meanings.
    2. This set of hand cream can let you choose your lovely aroma depends of different mood, keep your hand always soft and also full of pleasant fragrance.
    3. Giving your hands the most perfect caring and enjoy the fresh botanical fragrance.
    4. These products include of wisteria, cherry blossom and rose fragrance, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B3, Vitamin E and so on.
    5. Moisturize and soften your hands with pleasant flower fragrance.
    1. Vitamin B5 - Deliver ample hydration to the skin

    2.  Vitamin E - Provide superior anti-oxidizing power

    3.  Vitamin B3 - Repair skin's natural barrier and prevent pigment accumulation

    4. Swiss Spring Water/ Plus Iris Tectorum/ Thyme Extracts - Enhancing skin recovery 

    1. Take appropriate amount of hand cream on your clean hands and then massage it to enhance the moisturization.
    2. Use it after every hand wash to make it more efficient.
    3. CAUTION: If irritation, itchiness and redness occurs, please discontinue use immediately.


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